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Beto O'Rourke with wife Amy Sanders

My name is Beto O'Rourke. First and foremost I'm a fourth-generation Texan, dad to three beautiful kids, and husband to Amy. I'm a former business owner proudly representing my hometown as a member of Congress and running for Senate.

And like you, I believe that Texas can do better. I've traveled all over this state listening to you and other Texans, and have come to the conclusion that whether we live in cities or on farms, East Texas or West, we all believe that we should achieve something better for ourselves, our state and our country. Now is the time for Texas to step-up and lead.

  • Every Texan who can work should work. We must connect those out of work with the high value jobs being created right here in Texas by investing in the training, certification and apprenticeship programs that make it possible.
  • Students should have access to great schools with strong local leadership and great teachers. Spend on talent development and retention so that even the hardest-to-serve students have the best teachers who are focused on their students and not a standardized test.
  • Every graduating high school senior should be able to pursue a Bachelors or Associates degree or skill certifications that will allow them to pursue their potential at low or no cost to the student.
  • Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Every Texan should have access to healthcare and be able to see a doctor. I believe this is a question that transcends politics. Somewhere in Texas today, a baby was born in unfortunate circumstances. I believe that baby and her loving parents should have access to the care they deserve.
  • We must commit to give every veteran and service member the dignity and support they've earned. No veteran should wait for mental healthcare in the midst of a veteran suicide epidemic.
  • Our service members, whose lives are on the line for this country, should be supported with a coherent strategy -- and a definition of victory -- for the seemingly endless wars that we have been fighting in the greater Middle East for the last 26 years.
  • Immigrants should have a lawful, earned path to citizenship. Law abiding immigrants help our state and country grow strong, safe and prosperous.
  • We must get big money out of our democracy and end political gerrymandering. Voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around.
  • End perpetual re-election and bring new voices into Congress. We must restore accountability to Washington and place term limits on every member of Congress.

Whether it’s these issues, or deciding that we will preserve this world and our environment for future generations, making women's reproductive healthcare a priority, standing up for LGBT Texans, ending the war on drugs or accepting the refugees and asylum seekers who make our country stronger --- we deserve better. If we work together, we can provide the leadership that these issues and so many others demand. Let's ensure that Texas has an accountable, full-time, full service Senator that's committed to working tirelessly for you.

Text BETO to 90975. Join the campaign, sign up to volunteer, and make a small donation. Then share with your friends and family why you did and stay connected at www.facebook.com/betoorourke/

Thank you,