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We're working hard to get 5,000 signatures to put Beto on the ballot.
Want to help? Download this petition, collect signatures, notarize the form and mail it back to Beto O'Rourke at 500 West Overland, Suite 250-J, El Paso, Texas 79901 by October 31st.

I've tried to be as accountable and transparent as possible in my time in Congress -- I have held dozens of live-streamed townhalls, posted hundreds of vote explanations on Facebook, and now on the campaign trail have visited with and had a chance to speak with tens of thousands in communities all over Texas. I always attempt to answer questions as honestly and directly as possible in my own words. Like you I'm not a fan of spin and political speak. Which makes it difficult to boil down my views on really tough issues into quick sound bites.

However, I know you may not have the time to review the townhalls and videos or come hear me in person, so here is my best effort to give you in my own words, and very briefly, my views on a number of important issues. I will continue to update this page with links to longer, in-depth documentation and details on these views. Let me know what you think.